Steve’s Tyre Service pays it forward to Arohanui Hospice - Arohanui Hospice

Steve’s Tyre Service pays it forward to Arohanui Hospice

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October 3, 2022

Steve’s Tyre Service pays it forward to Arohanui Hospice

Steve’s Tyre Service is a local business that has grown from strength to strength since starting in 2013, and the company has recently begun giving regular donations to Arohanui Hospice.

We caught up with Steve Deans, owner-operator, to find out more about this kind generosity. “I have been in the tyre industry since I left school and wanted to go out on my own as I saw an opportunity to build something. When I first started the business I had little to no money, just a small loan from my brother to start my dream. Initially it was just myself and one other staff member and thanks to the community it has just grown into what it is today. My son has recently returned from overseas and he now also works in the business and has the same values as myself. To work alongside him is pretty special in itself, so I guess you could say it is now a family business!”

Giving back to the community is a strong value for Steve. “As a business owner you don’t achieve anything without people giving you support, especially when you’re starting out. Without the community, my business would never have grown to what it is today.”

One of Steve’s well-known offers that demonstrates the value he places on the communiy he serves is free puncture repairs. “We often get people coming in wanting to offer money, food or a koha for the free repairs. My wife and I had been discussing a worthwhile cause for donations, so we introduced a $10 cost for the puncture repairs for which we are delighted to donate entirely to Arohanui Hospice,” explains Steve. “We immediately thought of the hospice as they do such great work. We were aware that they were in need of extra support to reach fundraising targets to continue providing their services. It would be a real shame if those who need them may not get the care or support they desperately need.”

When asked if they had a personal connection of their own with hospice, Steve nods. “My wife’s stepfather had received support from hospice many years ago. They were amazing to my mother -in- law and her husband when she was going through a very tough time before he passed. We will always be grateful for the care they provided at this terrible time. The work they do has made a huge difference to those at the end of their lives. It must be such a hard job, yet, to give people respect and support in their final days, is a real gift that we will never forget.”

If other businesses are in a position to do so, Steve encourages them to give back saying, “even if it’s just a little bit, it goes a long way.”

“I feel it is our obligation and duty to not pull the ladder up but assist others, as you don’t get anywhere in life by just looking after yourself. It is nice to watch others flourish or achieve by giving and it’s a great feeling. We aren’t put on this earth to just look after number one.”