Farming for Hospice

This rural-based community fundraising programme began in March 1994, founded by Derek Tuck, after he was inspired by such a fundraising idea from rural colleague Gerald Fell, and developed with the assistance of friends and colleagues such as the late Neil Finch, Ron Eaton, and others recruited along the way.

Farming for Hospice involves visiting stock sales throughout region, and buying livestock to be reared by farmers who volunteer to graze the ‘hospice stock’ among their own herds. Once the stock reach optimum weight and are ready to be processed, they are sold, with the proceeds going to Arohanui Hospice.

Now convened by Simon McKay and John McLean, Farming for Hospice has a network of between 250 and 300 farmers, but with more always welcomed.

Each year the programme aims to raise 10 per cent of Arohanui Hospice’s fundraising that is needed to cover the charitable organisation’s operational funding shortfall.

How does the programme work?

An Arohanui Hospice representative buys beef cattle, which are delivered to farmers who have agreed to graze the cattle for Arohanui Hospice. When the cattle have reached slaughter weight, arrangements are made to have the cattle processed. Arohanui Hospice receives the proceeds.

While the emphasis has been on beef, support from dairy farmers is increasing. As dairy farmers cull cows and send them to the works, they can also donate the proceeds to Arohanui Hospice.

Arohanui Hospice invites farmers and lifestyle block holders to contribute to Farming for Hospice by donating a share of proceeds when they send animals to the works, or sell produce.

Join the programme

For any queries, please contact Farming for Hospice convenor Simon McKay at 021 423 532 or

Alternatively, email

Farming for Hospice Brochure

Farming for Hospice - Simon and John
Farming for Hospice convenors Simon McKay and John McLean.