Leave a bequest to Arohanui Hospice in your Will

When you make a Will, you provide for future generations. Making a will is an act of generosity, an investment in the future, a legacy.

Including a gift (bequest) to Arohanui Hospice in your Will extends that legacy from your family to your community. A bequest is a simple and effective way to support other people’s needs many years into the future. It is a wonderful legacy to leave.

Why have a Will?

Having a Will allows you to decide how your assets are distributed after your death. It can help provide for your family and loved ones, and for your chosen charities.

What is a bequest?

This is a statement in your Will instructing your executor to give a specific item of property, sum of money, or percentage of the residue of your estate, to a particular person or organisation, such as Arohanui Hospice.

How do I make a Will?

By consulting a solicitor, the Public Trust, Guardian Trust or other trustee company. Obtaining the services of a solicitor will greatly reduce the likelihood of any difficulties to do with the validity or the interpretation of your Will.

How do I change my existing Will?

You can review and update your Will at any time. It is recommended that you review your Will every five to seven years. When doing so, you have the opportunity to consider making a bequest to Arohanui Hospice.

How will Arohanui Hospice use my bequest?

Money gifted to Arohanui Hospice is used to provide daily care of patients suffering a life-limiting illness, and offer support to their families.

The services provided at Arohanui Hospice include support of the patient in the community, inpatient care, respite care, 24-hour advice, outpatient clinics, day procedures, an activities-based day programme, social work services, family support, pastoral support and bereavement support.

Why make a bequest to Arohanui Hospice?

Arohanui Hospice is committed to providing free quality care to people with a life-limiting illness, and supporting their families. To continue to provide this service we need the financial support of our community. By making a bequest in your Will you are helping to ensure hospice care for others.

Types of bequest

There are generally three types of bequest.

Specific bequest
A gift of particular items of property, jewellery, books, clothing, car, etc, that you want to give to a particular person or organisation.

General bequest
Usually a sum of money or percentage of the value of your estate, given to a particular person or organisation.

Residual bequest
How you want the remainder of your estate to be dealt with after any specific or general gifts have been given.

Suggested wording
If you do choose to leave a gift to Arohanui Hospice, suggested wording is as follows:
“I give to Arohanui Hospice the sum of $……………….. or (…….% of my estate, or the residue of my estate, or a description of assets or property) for general purposes, for which the receipt of the Chief Executive or other officer, shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

Heritage Club

The Arohanui Hospice Heritage Club is a group established to recognise and personally thank those who have indicated that they have remembered Arohanui Hospice in their Will.

We keep in touch with Heritage Club members and from time to time arrange activities and functions they will be invited to attend.

Your membership and bequest is completely confidential unless you wish to make your gift known.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your intentions in confidence, please contact our Chief Executive Clare Randall on 06 350 2243, or email her here.

Bequest Brochure

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