Meet Arohanui Hospice volunteer Lorraine Haydock

Meet Our Volunteers: Lorraine Haydock from the Strumpettes

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Meet Our Volunteers: Lorraine Haydock from the Strumpettes

Strumpettes Band

Strumpettes Band

Who are the Strumpettes?
We are a group of retired people from Palmerston North with a mutual love of entertaining and playing the ukulele. The Strumpettes became independent group in 2018 and performed our first concert for a 50th Wedding Anniversary on 6th October.

Originally we were a minor support act for a musical theatre group then in 2018 we became a stand alone group and have gone from strength to strength. We now perform throughout Palmerston North, the Manawatū and Horowhenua.

What types of instruments do you play?
Ukuleles are our main instrument and recently mandolin, harmonica and kazoo have been introduced to add layers and variety to our performances.

When did you start volunteering at Arohanui Hospice?
Ray and I volunteer at Arohanui Hospice and it became known through chatting at morning tea we are part of the Strumpettes Ukulele Band. December 2018 we were absolutely delighted when Day Stay Coordinator, Faye, asked if we would be interested in entertaining them and have continued to do so.

How often do you volunteer?
Generally, we do four concerts a month but that can vary according to demand. Our music is a bit of Rock n Roll, ballads, pop music, folk music with a touch of country and Music Hall.

What do you enjoy about performing at Arohanui Hospice?
Everyone is friendly, and we love to see a hand or foot tapping, a smile and nod when a long forgotten song brings back a happy memory; and the interest show in our Steampunk outfits.
The highlight of seeing folks join in – singing along to our music and experiencing an hour of enjoyment music often brings.

What does Arohanui mean to you?
Arohanui Hospice is a place of compassion, understanding, security and care at a time in one’s life that can be very unsettling. We are so privileged to be able to perform for this amazing organisation.

If you or anyone you may be interested in getting involved and would like to volunteer, Arohanui Hospice has plenty of opportunities as you can see here. Please get in touch with Jill on 06 356 6606 ext 6408, or by email

The Strumpettes in action