Our Vision & Values - Arohanui Hospice

Our Vision

‘All people with life-limiting conditions live well and die well, irrespective of their condition or care setting’

Our Mission

‘To lead the provision of high-quality, collaborative end-of-life care in our region’

Our Strategic Goals

People first  –  He iwi kotahi

We will deliver a service that is people-focused, meeting the needs of, and informed by patients and their families.

Centre of Excellence  –  Nga moemoea o te kaupapa Arohanui

We will lead the provision of an integrated specialist palliative care service and support generalist palliative care services across our region.

Meeting the future  –  Whakamana ki te ao

We will build towards the future through ongoing development of staff, resources, systems, information and infrastructure.

Our Values

We provide care and support that is:

We will be respectful of people’s needs, thoughts, values and views.

Focused on the Patient, Family and Whanau
We will strive to work alongside patients and their families/whanau to deliver care that meets their individual needs.

We will provide a supportive environment for staff, volunteers, patients, families and whanau.

We will continue to demonstrate trustworthiness by doing all things possibly to meet expectations, fulfill obligations, and achieve our goals and objectives.

We will be accessible and available to all members of our community.

We will foster meaningful relationships with patients, families and whanau, reflecting the values of participation, protection and partnership embodied in te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We will provide compassionate care and support to patients, families and whanau.

We will strive to ensure that all our actions contribute to safeguarding the long-term viability of our palliative care services.

We will strive to understand and respond to the needs and views of our community.

Good Communicators
We will engage in open and effective communication  –  within the organisation and with stakeholders, patients, families and whanau.

We will strive to proactively adapt and change to meet the needs of our community.

We will provide an open and welcoming environment that seeks to engage, communicate with, and meet the needs of all members of our community.

We can be relied upon to do everything practicable to achieve our vision and purpose, and will strive at all times to be consistent and dependable.

We will strive to offer care that recognises and meets the needs of our diverse community.

We will readily respond to changing economic, political and healthcare environments, as well as to change within our local community.